Shaky enough to give coffee the jitters, Dolly arrived at Raven Tower. DSCN2477A shiver crept up her spine when she read the address. 666. Should she turn around and go home?

“No,” she uttered aloud, exhaling sharply, then biting her lip. She straightened her spine and went inside, instantly greeted by the impeccably groomed receptionist with a flawless updo.DSCN2450

“I’m here to see The Raven,” Dolly said. “I’m Dolly GoDarkly for Dolores Dreadful-Day.”

“One moment, Miss GoDarkly. Yes, Miss Dreadful-Day was expected. Please take the elevator to the 13th floor.”

In a contrived, confident voice, Dolly replied, “Thank you.”  She steadied herself and turned around. Oh. My. God. DSCN2456The elevator was shaped like a coffin. For crying out loud, it was a coffin. What kind of nightmare was this day turning into? Then, as if pulled by some omnipotent force, Dolly’s big boots walked into the elevator of their own accord. Whoosh. She was transported to the 13th floor.


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